Chicken Picatta

Similar to the Austrian Schnitzel (and you thought was German), Piccata is a lightly breaded and fried cutlet. Different from our fried chicken in that there is no chicken skin involved - and therefore none of the chicken fat.  This dish is easy to prepare and a serious crowd pleaser for both children and adults [...]

Tilapia with Bagna Cauda

Forget 30 minute meals.  This is another 15 minute meal that takes less time to make than it takes to sort through that stack of delivery menus in your kitchen drawer.  So simple, it seems too easy to produce bragging rights, yet simple enough such that you can get your kids involved (I have a [...]

Spaghetti alla Carbonara

Alla Carbonara supposedly means “in the manner of the coal miner’s wife”. According to legend, the dish was popular with miners because the dish could be prepared with a few ingredients in the woods at the jobsite using a campfire. I have no idea if this is true.  I have repeatedly made the this particular [...]