True Tres Leche

“Three-Milk Cake” has grown from a Hispanic restuarant phenomena to almost a commodity over the past twenty years.  You can now find it in mainstream restaurants that have never seen the far end of an enchilada.  Like most recipes of this sort, the roots are ill defined because with the popularity comes localized variations that have [...]

Perfect Margaritas

You can make the perfect margarita and be the envy of your friends - in less than five minutes - even if you have never made a drink before!
It’s Friday evening and we’ve got about half of our first meal pulled together this week.  To celebrate, let’s begin the weekend with another drink, this time one [...]

Tacos Carne Asada

When I grew up, what we called tacos was an American bastardization of the real thing. Fried shells, ground beef dripping with fat and “taco seasoning”, tortillas fried in oil, and the whole thing covered with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, “taco sauce”, chopped onion AND sour cream. Given my point of reference (completely ignorant) I was [...]