Homemade Limoncello

I had not planned on posting this so soon. But after numerous requests, I’ve decided to go ahead and make this recipe available today.
Make homemade limoncello because it is fun but also know that it is generally much better than what you can buy at the store; certainly better than the contract brand Danny DeVito recently [...]

Limoncello Lush

Our first big summer weekend is upon us in just a few short days.  Okay, so it is not technically summer, but who will not be thinking big summer thoughts while standing around the BBQ this Memorial Day? 
If you’ve not had limoncello, consider keeping a bottle in your freezer just because.  In a later post, [...]

Maraschino Cherries

Many drinks and baking recipes call for maraschino cherries.  Problem is what you can buy in the store is a very sad state of affairs and not at all like a maraschino cherry ought to taste or feel.  Effectively, there are two commercial manufacturers so maraschino cherries - one owns the commercial market, the other [...]

Perfect Margaritas

You can make the perfect margarita and be the envy of your friends - in less than five minutes - even if you have never made a drink before!
It’s Friday evening and we’ve got about half of our first meal pulled together this week.  To celebrate, let’s begin the weekend with another drink, this time one [...]