Maraschino Cherries

Many drinks and baking recipes call for maraschino cherries.  Problem is what you can buy in the store is a very sad state of affairs and not at all like a maraschino cherry ought to taste or feel.  Effectively, there are two commercial manufacturers so maraschino cherries - one owns the commercial market, the other [...]

Oven Fried Bacon

I mean, who doesn’t like bacon. For some, it leads to the subculture of home prepared cured and smoked meats.  For most, it is a heavenly food for which there is little substitute.  The only real problem with bacon, wheather all you need is a pound or a slice, is the mess.  The microwave oven cooks [...]

Essential Citrus

Most home cooks have had grown the occasional herb in the kitchen window sill or in the back yard.  Few realize that over sixty varieties of citrus can readily be grown at home regardless of your location.  Lemons and limes in particular are critical to so many recipes, and it’s nearly impossible to get a decent [...]


As we go through this journey of food and good eating, one thing we need to get straight right up is this whole issue of salt. Salt is a cornerstone of good food for good reason, and it has driven men to start wars.  Modern cooks are fortunate to have an abundance of it, but [...]

Coffee, Pt 1

Few people that I have met have ever tasted how coffee was really meant to be. All I ask is that you try it just once. I’ve seen those who adamantly hate any coffee become intoxicated by just the scent of proper coffee steeping in a french press. If you’re stuck on flavored big-chain coffee [...]