Ready to Play With Fire?

Cooking with fire appears to be a primal instinct for many of us, particularly of the male of the species. Al fresco cooking has always been my favorite. From the rituals of lighting and tending to the optimal fire, the intoxicating smell of smoke and food, and of course, and enjoying the results, there is [...]

The Dutch Oven

Many of us were lulled into buying a large set of matching shiney cookware at some point along the way.  Me?  I’m a fool for nearly anything made from shiney stainless steel, and the collecting gene is alive and well.   I had a complete set (and I do mean 30 something pieces of complete) of [...]

Oven Fried Bacon

I mean, who doesn’t like bacon. For some, it leads to the subculture of home prepared cured and smoked meats.  For most, it is a heavenly food for which there is little substitute.  The only real problem with bacon, wheather all you need is a pound or a slice, is the mess.  The microwave oven cooks [...]

Limited Opportunity for Michael Rhulman Collectible

 For a limited time, world renowned food author Michael Ruhlman is offering a signed limited edition of one the fundamental baking charts in his latest book, Ratio: the Simple Codes behind the Craft of Everyday Cooking. The premise of the book is that there are fundamental relationships between ingredients in a variety of classes of foods, most notably in [...]