Perfect for the Picnic

Pear Applesauce
Need something quick and easy for this weekend?  This twist on applesauce never fails to go over well will children and adults alike.  The addition of pears results in a somewhat different final product.  And because you are driving the final consistency is just what you want it to be.  

4 apples, McIntosh preferred
6 [...]

NYC Pizza Heaven - Varasano’s Pizzeria

Bet you didn’t know that some of the best New York Pizza you can find is located in Atlanta. I’ve been tracking internet pizza guru Jeff Varasano for a couple of years now.  His 40+ page treatise on making pizza dough is the stuff of legend in the food subculture.  That’s forty pages of pizza [...]

True Tres Leche

“Three-Milk Cake” has grown from a Hispanic restuarant phenomena to almost a commodity over the past twenty years.  You can now find it in mainstream restaurants that have never seen the far end of an enchilada.  Like most recipes of this sort, the roots are ill defined because with the popularity comes localized variations that have [...]

Homemade Limoncello

I had not planned on posting this so soon. But after numerous requests, I’ve decided to go ahead and make this recipe available today.
Make homemade limoncello because it is fun but also know that it is generally much better than what you can buy at the store; certainly better than the contract brand Danny DeVito recently [...]

Limoncello Lush

Our first big summer weekend is upon us in just a few short days.  Okay, so it is not technically summer, but who will not be thinking big summer thoughts while standing around the BBQ this Memorial Day? 
If you’ve not had limoncello, consider keeping a bottle in your freezer just because.  In a later post, [...]